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We are clutch and flywheel manufacture company since 1999 and we've been selling our clutches and flywheels on eBoay since 2002.


We carry JDK and XTD two different brand clutches and flywheel on eBay and we have 100% positive feedback on XTD clutch account and 96% positive on JDK clutch account.

We have many customers in US,Canada and many European countries.

We are producing clutch parts and flywheels for manual transmission and also carry clutch bearings and slave cylinder.

We are specializes in racing clutches such as Kevlar and ceramic clutches also we carry OEM spec factory clutches,our flywheels are all performance flywheels which is light weight design chrome moly flywheel.

We've been top rated eBay seller since 2005 so you can trust our company.

Sincere and honest partner JDK.

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