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AMC HD OEM CLUTCH KIT 2003-2017 HONDA ACCORD 2.4L 2009-2014 TSX 2.4L

AMC HD OEM CLUTCH KIT 2003-2017 HONDA ACCORD 2.4L 2009-2014 TSX 2.4L

SKU: XD8685E

This is Brand new OEM clutch kit for Accord & TSX 2.4L.This clutch kit contains all the necessary components to do clutch replacement and is the perfect setup for any stock or lightly modified vehicle.Aimco clutch kit contains only the highest quality components from world's leading OE clutch manufacturers such as Valeo, Sachs, Luk, Seco, Aisin/Asco and NKK. Please do not compare our Aimco clutch kit with other inferior clutches or cheap Chinese parts.This OEM clutch kit comes with XTD HD Pressure plate,Clutch Disc,Throw Out Bearing,Pilot Bearing and Alignemt tool which is Every parts included for clutch replacement.This XTD OEM clutch kit is hold up to 280HP which is perfect clutch set up for just stock to Lightly modified Vehicle.Using XTD OEM clutch is best insurance you can take for your car.If you need more info about product or company please click "ME"  PAGE

Professional installation recommended.Just buy parts from us and give to your Mechanic for Install.

6 MONTHS or 12,000 miles manufacturer defect warranty



Application of XTD Racing Clutch Kit
2003-2017 HONDA ACCORD 2.4L 4CYL 
2009-2014 ACURA TSX 2.4L 4CYL
  • ·       XTD HD CLUTCH DISC
  • ·       ALIGNMENT TOOL 
  • .       PILOT BEARING



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