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SKU: XD32352532R

XTD 6 puck "MIBA" Copper Ceramic clutch is designed for the serious enthusiast with just Stock to considerable modifications.("Miba" Copper Ceramic Material is well known for AirCraft brake material.It is more Durable and hold 60% more Torque capacity than Cabontic or Kevlar Material also "MIBA" Disc grips 30% harder than Cabontic Disc) This disc features 12 high-coefficient ceramic pads for quick engagement and the extreme duty friction needed. Our specifically designed high torque disc delivers maximum holding capacity without compromise. The sprung retainer assembly boasts 6 dual springs and 6 severe duty retainer rivets, ensuring power and reliability .This XTD Stage 3 clutch kit fits 1992-2004 Honda Civic all Model (D15,D16 & D17 motor) and 1993-1995 Honda Civic Del Sol, 1.5/1.6L, (Except DOHC V-Tec Si Model).This XTD Stage 3 Clutch Kit Includes XTD High Clamp Long Life Pressure plate,XTD "MIBA" 6 Puck Copper Ceramic Disc,Nacci Throw out Bearing,Pilot Bearing,Alignment Tool,XTD Clutch Installation Guide and XTD Logo Window decal.This XTD Pressure plate Holds 30% more HP and Torque Than Stock Pressure Plate and This Pressure plate is made from ductile iron and heat Treated Which is about 30 to 40% Stronger Than Just Stock Cast Iron Pressure plate. XTD "MIBA" Stage 3 Copper Ceramic Disc is designed for Ultra Racing Purpose and it Graps Much Harder Than Carbontic or Kevlar Disc also It will Increased Acceleration.However,It designed also Smooth Engagement and improved durability for Street so It won't make you difficulty on Daily Driving.This XTD Stage 3 clutch kit is Great for Just Stock Honda Civic/Del Sol and Mildly Modified Civic/Del Sol.All XTD Racing Clutch kit Requied 500Miles Break-in Period. 

XTD Flywheels are made using the highest quality, most modern materials available. All of these materials are tempered Chrome-Moly Steel which are very strong yet very lightweight. The friction surface is very special. XTD uses a high carbon, Chrome-Moly Steel. This Chrome-Moly is perfect for this use. It is incredibly durable allowing the user to use just about any clutch disc material available from Stock organic to Kevlar,Cooper Ceramic and even sintered iron.XTD attaches the friction surface using Heat Treated aerospace nuts and bolts or 304 stainless steel rivets depending on the application. These are some of the best fasteners money can buy. We chose them because of their incredible shear strength and resistance to corrosion. All of XTD's ring gears are heat treated for durability. They are heated, pressed on and then secured using grade 10 fasteners. .

Professional installation recommended.Just buy parts from us and give to you

Professional installation recommended.Just buy parts from us and give to your Mechanic for Install.

6 MONTHS or 12,000 miles manufacturer defect warranty




Benefit of XTD Clutch Kit

  • Much lighter than factory steel flywheels
  • XTD Flywheel Works with XTD,Clutchmaster,ACT,Centerforce and any OEM Stock Clutch.
  • Stronger than Stock cast iron, billet steel or aluminum
  • Made from only the highest quality materials and CNC machined
  • Any street or race engine will produce more torque and Accelaration
  • Any street or race engine will last longer due to less stress on the engine internals
  • We offering Whole Sale Price to eBayer (Retail Price $289.00)
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